What Are Sirtuins and How Does NAD+ Activate Them?

If you've been looking into anti-aging supplements lately, you've probably come across the terms "sirtuins" and "NAD+." But what exactly are sirtuins, and why is NAD+ so important for activating them? 

Sirtuins are a type of protein molecules that are found in all living organisms. They serve as the body's metabolic regulators, controlling a variety of critical processes related to cellular health and longevity. Some of their key roles include:

  • Gene regulation and DNA repair
  • Managing cellular stress responses
  • Promoting survival of healthy cells
  • Fat metabolism and glucose regulation
  • Inflammation reduction

In simple terms, sirtuins help protect cells from age-related decline and promote overall longevity at a cellular level. The more efficient that sirtuins function, the healthier your cells will be as you age.

This is where NAD+ comes into play. NAD+, or nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, is a molecule found in all living cells. It activates sirtuin proteins, providing them with the fuel they need to do their age-defying jobs.

NAD+ levels tend to decline with age in humans, research has found that your NAD+ will reach nearly half of youthful levels by the time that you are 50. Lower NAD+ means the sirtuins can't function optimally - so, our cellular defenses weaken, metabolic functions deteriorate, and the effects of aging accelerate.

YOUTHWATER contains NAD+ precursors to help elevate your NAD+ levels. These precursors are compounds that your body can use to naturally produce more NAD+. Our research has found that drinking 2 bottles of YOUTHWATER a day can elevate your NAD+ levels by up to 25% in just 2 weeks. By boosting NAD+ YOUTHWATER can help reactivate those sirtuins, allowing them to operate more efficiently, keeping cells youthful, efficient and protected against age-related damage.

Of course, taking care of your body through diet, exercise and quality sleep also supports healthy sirtuin function. But YOUTHWATER can give your cells an extra boost they need for optimal function.


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