5 Signs You're NAD+ Deficient (And What to Do About It)

You live a healthy lifestyle - eating a balanced diet, maintaining a good exercise routine, getting quality sleep, and trying to keep stress under control. But, despite doing all the "right" and “healthy” things, you are constantly tired, have a hard time focusing, feel like the days in the gym aren’t doing the job, and just overall don’t feel good. You might be wondering, “what is going on?” 

The answer may lie with a critical nutrient deficiency you've likely never heard of before : NAD+ deficiency. 

NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is a vital coenzyme found in every single cell of your body. This coenzyme plays an indispensable role in energy production, DNA repair, circadian regulation, and cellular aging processes.

Yet, it is one that is not often talked about when looking at one’s health. 

While the body naturally produces NAD+, as we age, this production slows down and our NAD+ levels can drop by up to 60% by the time that we are 50. Unfortunately, our modern lifestyles and poor dietary habits deplete NAD+ levels faster than our bodies can work to replace it.

Could you be struggling with low NAD+ and not even know it? Here are five signs that your body is seeking a good NAD+ boost:

  • Relentless Fatigue and Low Energy When your cells become depleted in NAD+, their energy production factories (mitochondria) struggle to operate optimally. The result? You're left feeling tired and burnt out despite getting good amounts of sleep. Simple everyday tasks start to feel like they require monumental effort.
  • Stubborn Weight Gain and Metabolic Troubles: Maintaining a healthy metabolism is one of NAD+'s key roles. It activates enzymes that regulate how nutrients are broken down and how fat is metabolized. When NAD+ runs low, metabolic processes slow down, making it harder to lose weight despite all your efforts. 
  • Brain Fog and Memory Issues: From facilitating cellular energy flow to supporting DNA repair, your brain needs NAD+ to function properly. Low NAD+ levels can impact neurological processes, manifesting as brain fog or poor concentration.
  • Disrupted Sleep and Circadian Rhythms: Believe it or not, NAD+ is a crucial regulator of your body's internal clock. When levels dip too low, sleep patterns can become affected and your sleep quality suffers.
  • Signs of Aging: Studies have shown that NAD+ depletion leads to accelerated signs of aging. Without sufficient levels, your cells lose their ability to properly repair DNA damage and detoxify effectively from oxidative stress. These signs might show up as premature wrinkles, age spots, loss of muscle mass, and dull skin.

If any of these sound all too familiar, you might be experiencing low NAD+ levels. Here's the good news - we've created an NAD+ Enhancing Beverage that is packed with NAD+ precursors to help boost your body’s natural NAD+ production. 

YOUTHWATER is uniquely formulated to be easily incorporated into your daily routine, no matter how busy your lifestyle. 

But we didn't stop there - we wanted to make sure our supplement was not only effective but also delicious and enjoyable. That's why we've crafted a refreshing beverage that makes replenishing your NAD+ levels as simple and convenient as staying hydrated.


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